Jumper: A Novel by Steven Gould

A book that my husband got as a gift for Christmas. Yes I am slightly evil in the fact that I read his book before him, but I wanted to make sure that I finished it prior to the movie coming out. I find I enjoy being able to make my own images in my mind before I am handed them in a movie. Yes, I do end up holding it against a movie when they don’t put all the plot in the movie.

I enjoyed the book more then I thought I would, this is due to the book not being what I figured it would be. I thought it would be about boys with supernatural abilities who learn that there are consequences to using them. The book is about a boy who during traumatic moment with drunken abusive father uses an ability he is completely unaware that he has to get to a safe place. Story does not revolve around the ability but about the boy getting away from his father & making his way in New York with no money, no ID, no birth certificate, no S.S. and no high school diploma. While finding his way he ends up finding out more about himself as well as a cause to fight for.

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