Bank Of The West Credit Card Agreement

Visit your local branch to apply for a secure credit card and open a bank savings account with the desired amount to set your credit limit. We want to make managing your credit card simple and secure. If you`ve transferred your credit card, you can lock it and unlock it in the app. You can also request a PIN reminder or lift your PIN code lockdown via the app. This feature only applies to Mastercard credit cards. We help you use the basics of our guide to understand low-rate credit cards. You don`t pay any foreign transaction fees if you use this credit card abroad Remember that all of our credit cards are also contactless. It`s a super quick and easy way to pay for items of 45 euros or less. No – currently, none of our credit cards offer travel insurance.

Use our free eligibility exam before applying to see if you are likely to be accepted. It only takes 2 minutes and there is no impact on your credit score. 1 Cash premiums are based on net purchases (qualifying purchases minus credits, returns and adjustments). 1% basic cash back for every $1 net purchase. Among the distributors eligible for the 3% of bonus categories (2% additional cash back in addition to the 1% cash back) are: food (for grocery stores/supermarkets, freezers/meat suppliers, various grocery stores, bakeries and sweets/nuts/confiseries); b) restaurants (for restaurants, bars, lounges and fast food); c) gas (for gas stations and automated gas pumps). After spending $1500 on gas purchases per calendar quarter, you earn again 1% of basic cash back on gas purchases. While this list can be a useful guide, remember that purchases and transactions are submitted and categorized by the merchant. The Bank of the West has no control over how purchases are classified. Some purchases may not fall into the category in which you can expect them to be displayed. You need the natWest mobile app to set up, track and manage a plan in installments. Then you can refund credit card purchases or 0% transfer offers that have expired between 100 and 3000 pounds. If you have payment plans at your disposal, we will notify you via our mobile banking app by adding an “eligible debit flag” to your transaction or as a notification if your 0% transfer offer has expired.

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