St George Bank Enterprise Agreement

“The agreement proposed by the CBA would make the rules stricter to allow the Bank to continue the illegal behaviour of the past without consequences.” For those with a salary range of $75,000 to $110,000, the bank`s offer is a 2.25 per cent pay increase. For employees subject to separate agreements or one-time employment contracts, the Bank has proposed limiting any wage increase of 3.25 per cent to those earning up to AUD 75,000. She accused the bank of advancing a vote “that further undermines the fundamental rights of employees already victims of massive theft of systemic wages. In December, while the union vote on protected measures was under way, the CBA increased its offer for the majority of its employees, whose terms of employment are set by the enterprise agreement, to a flat-rate wage increase of 3.25 per cent. The Bank has been lowering for many years in negotiations with the industrial union on the amount of proposed wage increases, but the CBA maintains that it promotes more independent employment contracts outside the scope of the enterprise agreement and that elaborate useful days off expire. In an abrasive statement, FSU Secretary of State Julia Angrisano yesterday called the Commonwealth Bank “remorse” for underpaid payments discovered in 2019. The result of a recent unsuccessful vote by FSU members at the CBA on the proposed protected control measures shows that the FSU has just over 5,000 members. The Commonwealth Bank will impose a vote of all employees on a proposed (and long delayed) enterprise agreement that the Financial Sector Union calls “con-job”. More than 30,000 CBA staff are invited to vote on the EA in a vote overseen by the Fair Labour Commission.

“The FSU will not stand idly by and will allow the CBA to lobby its employees to accept a flawed enterprise agreement to legitimize and immortalize the practices that led to the massive theft of wages discovered in 2019,” Said Angrisano.

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