Stamp Duty On Registration Of Rent Agreement In Delhi

The person who rents the house is designated as a tenant or tenant, and the person who rents it for rent is designated as the lessor, owner or lessor. Before renting the house or apartment, make sure that most leases are signed for 11 months to avoid stamp duty and other fees. Under the Registration Act 1908, registration of a lease is mandatory if the term of the lease is longer than 12 months. If a contract is registered, stamp duty and registration fees must be paid. For example, in Delhi, the cost of stamp paper for a lease of up to five years is 2% of the total average annual rent for one year. Add a flat fee of Rs100 if a deposit is part of the agreement. For a lease of more than 5 years but less than 10 years, it is equal to 3% of the value of the average annual rent of one year. For 10 years and more, but less than 20 years, this is 6% of the value of the average annual rent of a year. Documents to be presented by the owner for registration: Amit rents his apartment for rent in Vikas….

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