Victorian Disability Services (Ngo) Agreement

If you have any questions about your new Enterprise Agreement, please contact HACSU Assist at 9340 4100. This ensures that we transfer services securely and consistently. It ensures that people with disabilities can stay at the centre and transfer staff under fair conditions. The rates of pay of certain workers in the social and Community sectors are gradually increasing under the Fair Work Commission`s Equal Remuneration Order. The increase will fully apply until 2020. The Victorian Disability Service (NGO) Agreement 2019 (MEA) has been approved by the Fair Work Commission and you have a new company agreement! Negotiations on the Victorian Disability Services Multi-Employer Agreement (MEA) are nearing completion. Trade unions and employers` representatives (led by Jobs Australia) are finalising the plans and holding discussions with the Victorian government to ensure transitional funding to support the new agreements. We monitor how the five providers provide services through a seven-year performance and monitoring system. The regime focuses on ensuring that suppliers offer the highest standards of safety, quality of service and human resource development. Through interviews and workshops, we defined the strict conditions of the transfer.

This process also helped determine the evaluation criteria we used to measure and test the quality of the providers selected for service delivery. There are also special rates of pay for some social and community services and crisis aid workers in Queensland. This is due to pay equity rules adopted in March and December 2012. Before any transfer can take place, we ask providers to prove that they are ready to start providing services. We do this by ensuring that they have reached a number of mandatory milestones. Your HACSU representatives have worked hard to ensure that you will be informed at an early stage after the announcement of the new suppliers and that all elements of the new EBA and the 8-year transaction agreement will be delivered in full. Read on for more information about transferring services. Employers covered by these rules are also covered by the Equal Remuneration Order when they are in social and community services or in crisis shelters under the Community and Social Services Award. The highest rates of the 2 apply. Today, HACSU proudly represents the disability care workers and administrators who make a daily change in the lives of people with disabilities. HACSU members work in public, private and associative services and come from a number of professions. If you are interested in becoming a member, please visit our online site or would like to see the benefits of a membership.

Use our salary calculator to calculate rates in the social and community services sector, including any increases to the Equal Remuneration Order or the Queensland Pay Equity Order Council. . . .

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